From Darkness

From Darkness, a short based on the Inuit tale of The Skeleton Woman, completed 2002 in the Cartoon Saloon.

The entire short film is embedded above. It might not be suitable for younger viewers.

As well as screening at many international film festivals, From Darkness has been awarded:

Best New Irish Short Animation – Galway Film Fleadh, 2002

Best Short – Boston Irish Film Festival, USA 2003

Best Animation – Kerry film festival, Ireland 2003

Silver Award –KAFI Animation festival, USA 2003



Directed by

Nora Twomey

Produced by

Nora Twomey & Paul Young

Production Team

Michael McGrath

Jeremy Purcell

Fabian Erlinghauser

Barry Reynolds

Diane O Reilly

Tomm Moore

Nils Olofsson

Aidan Harte

Music by

David Holland

Sound design


Paul Young



9 Responses to “From Darkness”

  1. From Darkness is still the best short we have ever produced I think!

  2. Still one of my all time fav animated shorts.

  3. I love your work Nora… this is poetry

  4. Hola Nora ! fui al Bafici a ver tu pelicula del Libro de Kells y me encanto ! muchisimo Arte !!!! jajaja
    Saludos !!!!


  5. kevin cassidy Says:

    brilliant;…i knew cold hard flash would come in handy. ‘cuilin dualach’ is really great. your style is wonderful.

  6. I just watched this and it was just beautiful, I loved when she wiped his tear and started coming alive again, made me well up, love this short film.

  7. […] short film I watched while exploring Cartoon Saloon was From Darkness, which was directed by Nora […]

  8. I really wonder precisely why you named this particular blog post, “From Darkness Nora Twomey”.
    In any event I appreciated the article!Thanks for your effort-Norma

  9. Abigail Johnson Says:

    Miss Twomey,

    I’m a huge fan of your work as a director and artist. When I first saw From Darkness in 2008. I was a bit late in seeing it I’m afraid as I was a bit of a young sprout when it first came out. Nevertheless I was blown away by the mature story and the beautiful animation. I’d been following Cartoon Saloon since then and when The Secret of Kells came out I was absolutely ecstatic as I’d never seen an animation style quite like it. These animations inspired me to pursue a career in film animation. I am now in my first year of college at the Art Institutes International Minnesota and am currently taking a course called History and Trends in Animation. For one of our assignments we are to seek out professionals and ask them 5 questions about their experiences working in the animation industry. I realize you are very busy but I would be honored if you would consider answering my questions.

    Thank you very much for reading.

    Abigail Johnson

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